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What’s an Arduino? Jimmy Fallon knows it…

Zoe RomanoApril 28th, 2015

An Arduino Uno appeared at The Tonight Show thanks to a project called Wildfire Warning System created by a 14 years old girl from California. Take a look at the video to discover how  you can detect fires  using a gas sensor and a temperature sensor.

And guess what? Jimmy Fallon knows what an Arduino is! Watch the video:


6 Responses to “What’s an Arduino? Jimmy Fallon knows it…”

  1. iyahdub Says:

    Did she say Arduino is spanish?

  2. madeira Says:

    To the most americans…Europe it’s ONE all Continent
    Spain an Italy…are not the same! 😀

  3. thomasde Says:

    Give her a break. Clearly she’s far more skilled at technology than geography. What she did at 14 is pretty good!

  4. bobdabiulder Says:

    I think she was talking about the “restaurant”, iyahdub.

  5. christiaan Says:

    Good idea and low cost, where I find an electric scheme about this?

  6. DebasishOpu Says:


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