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Create the DIY version of Egg-bot running on Arduino

Zoe RomanoApril 27th, 2015

We featured Nikodem’s bike tachometer last September on this blog. He’s now sharing with us another DIY project called DIY Arduino controlled Egg-Bot. It’s a DIY version of the original Egg-bot created by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

You can follow the step-by-step tutorial on Instructables and here’s a preview of the bill of materials you’ll need to make the project at home:

– Stepper motor with 200 steps per revolution (x2)  / I use 12V and 0,33A but you can use other.
– Stepper motor driver A4988 (x2)
Arduino Uno
– Power supply for stepper
– Micro servo
– Plastic plate, wood
– 40cm screws x3 and 12 nuts for it’s
– Two Lego wheels
– Markers in different colors
– Drill, knife, saw, screwdriver, double sided tape, wood glue, wire, soldering iron, rubber bands
– Everything you need to make PCB