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Getting Started with Intel Edison Mini Breakout Board

Zoe RomanoMarch 16th, 2015


Let’s start exploring a bit more about Intel Edison. As you may already know, Intel provides 2 different hardware platforms to work with Edison development board: the core module is called Intel Edison Compute Module, while the 2 extension boards are called Intel Edison Arduino Board and Intel Edison Breakout Board respectively. We refer to them as the Arduino module and mini-breakout board, respectively. The tutorial of this week is called Getting Started with Intel Edison Mini Breakout Board:

It is probably more common to use the Arduino module, since it’s easy to use and has many useful features, most notably the pin headers. However, the mini-breakout’s main advantage comes from its size and possible use as a wearable.

In this tutorial, you’ll get more familiar the mini-breakout board, learn how to use it for basic tasks, and then build a small “blink” example based on this knowledge.

Follow the link and explore


3 Responses to “Getting Started with Intel Edison Mini Breakout Board”

  1. Osqui Says:

    Ok, but…What does this have to do with Arduino?

  2. DanielHugo4004 Says:

    Arduino support on Edison assumes the Intel Edison Arduino Board (as does libmraa), but with some variant adjustments this configuration could work just fine as well (less a few features found on the other board).

  3. sliawatimena Says:

    Would you mind to share how to make an edison sleep and how to wake it up, to conserve the battery? Thanks.

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