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GSM Controlled Star Light: A xmas tutorial for Intel Galileo

Zoe RomanoDecember 19th, 2014


We recently posted on Intel Makers Community the first of a series of educational tutorial focused on Intel Galileo Gen 2. Our team worked on  a smart Christmas star able to receive sms and change pattern according to it. The bill of materials contains also an Arduino GSM Shield, a Proto Shield and some flexible  LED  strips:

To kick off a festive mood, we decided to adapt a typical Scandinavian tradition. In December, many people will decorate their homes by hanging large paper stars inside their windows. The stars usually have a single bulb inside that casts a warm, welcoming glow.

We thought we’d try to make this tradition a bit more merry by making it interactive. By sending text messages, we will change the blink pattern and color of the star.

This project is a fun and easy introduction on how to use the Intel Galileo Gen 2 board and the Arduino GSM shield. After making this tutorial, try modifying the code to change the patterns or taking the functions to insert GSM connectivity into your own projects.

Happy Holidays!

Follow the link and make it as well!


2 Responses to “GSM Controlled Star Light: A xmas tutorial for Intel Galileo”

  1. m_h_lau Says:

    Hi I looking for a arduino developer to develop something like this. We are a signage company and hope to transform ours traditional signage to modern digital signage

  2. arbus Says:

    Great use of the GSM shield!

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