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Global emotional light with Arduino

Zoe RomanoNovember 21st, 2014

Based on open source technology and programming, LUZ is a lighting project that product designer Marina Mellado designed and targeted to those people who are physically and psychologically affected by the lack of sun or daylight.

Luz is a one meter diameter ring of light. It connects two LED stripes RGB SMD5050 to an Adafruit TCS34725 sensor ( which I use to get the temperature of colour (K) and the light intensity (Lux) Values ) and an Arduino Uno.

The electronic system is programmed to modify gradually the light-color sensibility of the lamp depending on the weather conditions when the sensor is positioned by the window.

Check the video below to see the lamp in action:


6 Responses to “Global emotional light with Arduino”

  1. agustinchan Says:

    Hi Marina, I have seen your project, let me say that it is impressive. You have had a nice idea and you have done all the steps from the concept phase until the end of the final product. The only remaining thing is the mass production stage. Congratulations!!

  2. Headroom Says:

    Really beautifully executed! For obvious reasons humans have an affinity for circular things. I’ve had a similar idea to use environmental lighting to somewhat control my own lighting systems ( ) but have not yet progressed that far. I like how the short video explains the concept from early ideation through the concept phase, prototyping and execution.

  3. Thinkerer Says:

    Well done! Have you thought about “weighting” the response to affect mood (ie. on a dreary day adding a bit more sunlight)?

  4. Thinkerer Says:

    PS – will there be a Technical Data Sheet in English (please 😉 )?

  5. R_V_X Says:

    Halo Marina, i just made an account to coment about your wonderful project.
    The idea and how you have been involved in all the phases of the project its amazing, will be great to see more documentation of your research and the final product.
    I will love to have one (maybe instaled on my ceiling!)
    Thank you very much!

  6. Tecla Says:

    Hello everybody, Thank you very much for your comments.

    Fortunately the project has won an international design competition.
    The design is slightly changing to be very easy to mount on many different surfaces walls and ceilings and I am producing different ring sizes.
    Ultimately, We will show the final product in Milan design exhibition. I will post in my webpage the evolution of the work, the new electronic boards we are designing and the research material ! – VERY SOON IN ENGLISH 🙂

    For mass production, we use 24v LED strip with IRF 250 transistors, a more powerful power supply an RF69 to communicate to the module that goes by the window and BT HC05 to synchronise the device with you mobile phone.

    Again, thank you for your advices and comments !

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