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Arduino MATERIA 101: simplifying access to the world of 3D printing

Zoe RomanoSeptember 30th, 2014

After the sneak peak of some days ago, we are happy to officially announce the Arduino 3d printer . Completely open source and affordable, Arduino Materia 101 (more pics) is a device aiming at simplifying access to the world of 3D printing and rapid prototyping.

Materia 101 is a precision 3D printer running on Arduino Mega, designed and developed in Italy, thanks to the collaboration of Arduino and Sharebot, two companies working with a similar approach to technology. It is ideal for beginners, makers and education.

Materia 101’s visual identity is curated by studio ToDo: the choice of essentiality of design and the white color of the machine suggests its ease of use.

The printer will be available only on the Arduino Store both as a kit and pre-assembled. Official pricing of the device will be disclosed at a later date but the kit will sell for less than 600 EUR/800 USD, while the pre-assembled version will be available for less than 700 EUR/1000 USD.
The official presentation will be held during Maker Faire Rome, 3-5 October 2014. 

Technical characteristics:
Printing technology: Fused Filament Fabrication
Printing area: 140 x 100 x 100 mm +/- 5mm
X and Y theorical resolution position: 0,06 mm
Z resolution: 0.0025 mm
Extrusion diameter: 0.35 mm
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Optimal temperatures with PLA: 200-230°
Tested and supported filaments: PLA
Unsupported but tested filaments: Cristal Flex, PLA Thermosense, Thermoplastic Polyuretane
(TPU), PET, PLA Sand, PLA Flex
External dimensions: 310 x 330 x 350 mm
Weight: 10 kg
Usage: 65 watt
Electronical board: Official Arduino Mega 2560 with Open Source Marlin Firmware
LCD display 20 x 4 with encoder menu
Preloaded with PLA printing presets
Extruder block with filament pressure regulation

20 Responses to “Arduino MATERIA 101: simplifying access to the world of 3D printing”

  1. Finasteride Says:

    Hi.. Sir I like your post. Its great,.

  2. erlguta Says:

    Great!. Hope that the pre-assembled to be more near 700€ than 1000€ 😉

  3. WimTenBrink Says:

    Wow! It makes a green logo from white filament! Really a miracle device… 🙂
    I would be more interested in the price in euros and also wonder if it can be used on a network, so I could put the printer in a different room.
    And I think 10 kilos is a bit heavy so I wonder if lighter materials could be used instead…

  4. thexeno Says:

    Compared to other printers, the price is quite unfair, imho. . And I’ve to say that, the Name is brilliant..

  5. raimundo151179 Says:

    What is the printing speed?

  6. raimundo151179 Says:

    in addition, you can print a piece of various colors?

  7. Arduino Materia 101: La impresora 3D de Arduino Says:

    […] […]

  8. clemclemmm Says:

    where can we finf the open source project ? documentation, files, firmware, … ? thanks.

  9. twimbee Says:

    Do they really mean “Z resolution: 0.0025 mm” ?

  10. ElectroNick Says:

    By Z resolution 0.0025mm they only mean that the Z-axis can (only in theory) move in 0.0025mm increments. People usually arrive at crazy accuracies like that by multiplying the stepper’s SPR by the max amount of microsteps the driver’s datasheet shows, times the screw pitch. In reality though there’s always backlash, and not every microstep results in an actual physical movement of the axis. But yeah, good luck achieving 2.5 microns accuracy on a hobbyist machine…

    Looks pretty cool though!

  11. paplero79 Says:

    Hello. I’m the happy owner of the number 0003 of the Materia 101, bought yesterday at maker faire.
    I’m assembling it but i cannot find the manual in the box and i’ve no idea on how to connect the controller to the printer.
    I’ve also some doubt about the firmwarem is it installed ?
    Where i can download the manual and the firmware ?

  12. sumi3086 Says:


  13. domix Says:

    Continua la storia italiana dopo la Programma 101! Da eporediese sono molto contento!

  14. Pepo Says:

    paplero79 … how much have you payed?

  15. whiteknight747 Says:

    What would be the shipping cost if I’m in Southeast Asia I wonder

  16. e061070 Says:

    Timing of the project and the placing on the market?

  17. umicromatic Says:

    Looking at the above picture I notice you use 2 bulldog clips. I trust that a little more effort, 2 small tabled bed clamps could be fabricated & a few holes drill in the bed to give it the final professional touch to the unit.

  18. Zoe Romano Says:

    @paplero79 Use Manual is on the product page:
    here’s the direct link

  19. BlueBirdJonas Says:

    Wow, the specs are better than most major 3d printers but its only 1000 bucks not bad

  20. marko_anton Says:

    I can not find Arduino Materia 101 in Arduino Store. ???

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