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A REST API for Arduino and the CC3000 WiFi Chip

Zoe RomanoJune 5th, 2014
rest api

Marco Schwartz is an electrical engineer and passionate about home automation. He wrote us some weeks ago to present his work on the Arduino Yún:

I was recently playing with the Arduino Yún for a whole set of new projects, and I discovered a sketch that implements a REST API for the Arduino Yún. We’ll see in more details what a REST API is, but for now let’s say it allows to standardise the communication between your Arduino and the external world via WiFi or Ethernet, and develop complex applications without having to modify your Arduino sketch every time.

So I told myself: why not create one REST API for the CC3000 WiFi chip ? That’s exactly what I did as a weekend project, and I wanted to share it with you. If you want to directly jump to the project files, go over to the GitHub repository of the project.

Keep reading on his blog or watch the video below:


2 Responses to “A REST API for Arduino and the CC3000 WiFi Chip”

  1. Alien8 Says:

    Well done Marco Schwarz, will try this out when I have parts.

  2. 0miker0 Says:

    Great explanation of the Rest API. I’ve always wondered exactly what it was.

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