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GPS Powered LED Speedometer #ArduinoMicroMonday

Zoe RomanoFebruary 10th, 2014

Adafruit + Arduino Micro and GPS powered LED Speedometer v1.0 by xykobas3rd on Instagram:


4 Responses to “GPS Powered LED Speedometer #ArduinoMicroMonday”

  1. seyllers Says:

    This is really cool.. Are there instructions or a tutorial on how to build something like this?

  2. Cynder Says:

    Very interseting project. Tutorial ?

  3. rlinnabaryjr Says:

    I am also very interested in this project… Please let us know more about it in the near future!!! O:-)

  4. SylviaBoggess Says:

    Nice work. It is the truth behind every champion he is always fighting something. Hope in future you will do more work and give us more projects like that.

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