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Decoding Weather Radio messages with Arduino

Zoe RomanoJanuary 23rd, 2014


Arduino user Vogel1230 wrote us:

I’ve been involved with NOAA Weather Radio for some time and Arduino is a recent passion of mine over the last couple of years. When I found out about the Silicon Labs Si4707 Weather Band IC, it only made sense that I try to use my hardware knowledge and try and come up with a breakout board to make this capability available to the public.

I teamed up with Ray Dees who had done a lot of work with decoding weather radio messages using a different architecture. After a few months of collaboration on software we were able to build a very strong library that enables even the beginner to use all the features of the iC and modify as they see fit for their application. The code is currently optimized for UNO and Mega2560 use.



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