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Primo and playful programming: last 3 days on Kickstarter!

Zoe RomanoDecember 18th, 2013


Here’s the latest updates from Primo’s team on their successful Kickstarter campaign. You have only 3 days left to pre-order your copy!


27 days on from our Kickstarter campaign for Primo, in collaboration with the Arduino at Heart program, we are pleased to announce that we have reached both our first funding goal at £ 35,000 and our first stretch goal at £ 40,000. This means that our little robot will evolve to allow makers to add sensors and actuators, amplifying greatly the Primo experience.

During this period we also successfully held our first workshop with children, which saw the Primo Play Set being operated in what in the future we hope will be a classroom in every school.

We are looking at a final stretch to reach our final stretch goal, which is to craft a 3 month school program in multiple languages, that can facilitate the adoption of Primo in schools all over the world. We are now offering Maker Workshops as a reward, where the Primo team will travel to your neighbourhood, workshop or school and teach you how to build more Primo’s, use them and hack them, so as to get you started with your own R&D with the Primo Play Set. Team