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Arduino Yún with sound the supereasy way

Zoe RomanoDecember 17th, 2013

Arduino Yún



During Codemotion Milano Stefano had a talk with Federico Vanzati from Officine Arduino on how to use a supercheap USB Audio card with Arduino Yún and test the full audio capabilities with zero effort, external libraries or mp3 shields.

After some days he came out with a quick tutorial that you can check out here (includes code!).




4 Responses to “Arduino Yún with sound the supereasy way”

  1. kkwestt Says:

    Can you do the same for internet radio?
    (Yun + MANHATTAN Sound Adapter)

    What other adapters are suitable for this?

  2. ma7730 Says:

    How did you get the Yún part in Fritzing? I installed the latest version and they don’t have it.

  3. amicojeko Says:

    @kkwestt nice idea! I’ll try soon!
    @ma7730 I got it from here:

  4. astrodan Says:

    I was able to find the Fritzing drawing of the Arduino Yun from this forum post.

    I have playing with the the Arduino due for some sound applications ( it has a DAC output), and am quite impressed with its capabilities, its also a lot cheaper than the Yun.
    The Yun is pretty impressive though, I plan on getting one.

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