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Arduino Store: yes, we are open!

Zoe RomanoDecember 4th, 2013


We’re happy to announce we are now online with the new Arduino Store.
Last October we started a progressive change of our platform and yesterday we released an improvement of our online Store, offering better navigation experience and interface design, cheaper shipping fees in EU and a series of new products from different producers.

Take a look at the new store menu! Next to official Arduino products you’ll now be able to purchase:

– components for your interactive projects
– products by Adafruit, BareConductive, Prusa, Plug&Wear
3rd party shields
– filaments for your 3d printer
books and manuals to improve your learning experience
Arduino At Heart and Certified

Stay tuned as new features are coming up soon!


7 Responses to “Arduino Store: yes, we are open!”

  1. perhof Says:

    If €15.22 for shipping one UNO to Sweden is your new “cheaper shipping fees in EU” I don’t think I want to know what the old fees were like.

  2. Davide Says:

    Hi Perhof.
    I know 15.22 € for a standard expedition doesn’t sound a fair price.

    We are trying to offer a wider range of products (you’d normally buy overseas or in different stores) at a fair price. Widening the offer has been our main task, as well as changing and selecting shipping companies (yes, you could have spent more before, depending on your location).

    Nevertheless, I have to agree our expenses aren’t competitve with other stores: I can tell you this is priority one for us, at the moment.

    Thanks for the critics, which are always welcome.
    Stay tuned for updates which may come up sooner than you think.


  3. sksdutra Says:

    71,10 EUR for shipping to Brazil, so if you buy an Arduino Leonardo (the most cheaper board) you’ll have to pay 89,10 EUR, in brazilian currency it’s 287,32 BRL.

    Did you know the average salary of a brazilian it’s 678 BRL? So a common brazilian has to spend 42% of his salary (theoretically) to buy the most cheaper board.

    I know we can buy for other ways, I buy my Arduino UNO Rev3 for 69 BRL at RoboCore, one of your brazilian distributors, but for your store it’s not a competitive price, it’s abnormally expensive, you’ve to revise this.


  4. Reinoud Says:

    where did you find these shipping fees? maybe arduino should change their policy and use no shipping fees? (like

  5. sciamannikoo Says:

    Me and some partners are planning to start a FabLab in our city (quite close to Arduino’s city actually) and we are considering buying some stuff from your store, like some Arduino kits, little bits for kids and so on (providing we get enough money 😉 ).

    There is any chance to see Maker Shed products in your store?

    I’ve bough the “Make: Electronics” book, only to find that it’s strongly recommended to be used with their kits.
    I know I could buy all components from online stores (because I’m so lucky not to have any local shop of electronic components in my area), but picking all components one by one it’s a pain (and probably also quite expensive).

    Buying from also is not an option, because of the high shipping costs (+ custom duties + taxes).

    I’m pretty sure you could find a good deal to resell their kits in Europe, since they don’t have any distributor here.

  6. Shreekar Says:

    How do I get in touch with someone from store support? I have ordered starter kit 10 days ago a still no kit. Shipping address is in US. Can anyone help?

  7. Dan_Earl Says:

    same experience. I ordered two weeks ago without any information about the status despite several request for information….

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