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Are you using the Arduino Community Logo? Share it with us!

Zoe RomanoJanuary 21st, 2014
Arduino Community Logo

Last year, during World Maker Faire, Massimo Banzi announced the release of the Arduino Community Logo.

It was our effort to support projects, initiatives and activities, blooming within the Arduino community, to express their passionate engagement with us. We designed the logo to allow the personalization of its lower-right part in order to provide a free space to add the name of groups and local communities self-organizing activities and/or online content focused on Arduino.

Now it’s time to give some visibly to those who accepted our invitation and started to use the customised Community Logo in their channels of communication.

Are you using the Arduino Community Logo following the suggestions of this page ?

– If yes, share the link to the page containing the customised logo (blog, Facebook group or page, GooglePlus community or page, etc.) in the comments by the 1st of February (h.23.59 GMT).

– If no, probably your are still using (improperly) the Arduino trademark. But it’s not too late! Read how and why use the Arduino Community Logo. Customise it, upload it and share with us the link in the comments by the 1st of February (h.23.59 GMT).

By the 7th of February  we’ll chose 5 of you from the comments  and reward them with an Arduino Starter Kit !

Ready to share? Go!


————– UPDATE February 2014

Thanks for participating! Here’s the 5 communities receiving an Arduino Starter KIt:



We’ll get in touch in the next days to collect the addresses for the shipment.


Arduino Open-Source Community

33 Responses to “Are you using the Arduino Community Logo? Share it with us!”

  1. harlemglo1 Says:

    I have already use this logo on my personal web-site 🙂

  2. harlemglo1 Says:

    I have already use this logo on my personal web-site 🙂

  3. automata Says:

    Here we are in Costa Rica

  4. lucapezzolla Says:

    Sono uno studente dell’ultimo anno del Liceo Aristosseno di Taranto (1600 studenti). Ho realizzato una RepRap Prusa i2 controllata con un’Arduino Mega, che ho intenzione di presentare agli esami di maturità, e vorrei regalare alla mia scuola le parti plastiche per una stampante 3d in modo da far partire nel prossimo anno scolastico un progetto per introdurre all’elettronica open source gli studenti, e lo starter kit sarebbe sicuramente un incentivo in più per farlo! Ho già realizzato il logo

  5. shvelo Says:

  6. aboudou Says:

    I use it for all my Arduino (and Arduino related projects) at (logo at

  7. dadone89 Says:

    Yes! In the header of my arduino blog

  8. liudr Says:

    Great way to show we are noobs. Darn, forgot the ground (minus symbol):D

  9. Herone Says:

    Hi, I’m writing some tutorial for and there is my community logo:

  10. dadaumpa Says:

    added the logo to my blog:

  11. FardinB Says:

    Hello Arduino,
    Here is my google plus page for projects with Arduino. And it most definitely uses the community logo…

  12. TechnoWiz2Cubed Says:

    I’m using the Arduino Community Logo as part of a logo for a Google+ community!

  13. GizmoGal Says:
    (used the logo! and the colors)

    I got my first Arduino three weeks ago. Yes, I am a newbie, but I am having a ton of fun and learning so much that I started a blog so that others can learn from my mistakes… and successes. In the very near future I plan on writing an article comparing the most popular starter kits. (This is something that I was looking for on the internet just last month and could not find.)

  14. mynik2013 Says:

  15. ericpla31 Says:

    I made our Community logo the day after the conference presenation in Rome, I presented to the community on 9/10/2013!

  16. TechnoWiz2Cubed Says:

    I’m using the Arduino Community Logo as part of a logo for a Google+ community!

  17. mven Says:

    I’ve updated my google+ community also.

  18. uizin Says:
    I used the Arduino Community Logo on this Facebook page. Follow us for updates and news about the activity of Arduino Lecco!

  19. GizmoGal Says:

    Hi, I submitted an entry on the 24th and it still says “awaiting moderation.” Did I submit my entry correctly?

  20. dadaumpa Says:

    @GizmoGal: same for me, I submitted an entry on 22nd and still no moderation.

    dear moderators, what’s up?


  21. fpfaffendorf Says:

    Yes, we are ! Club Arduino – Argentina

  22. Blob Says:

    We love Arduino in France too ! 😉

    The Arduino Community Logo is a great idea. We can now demonstrate our affection without violating copyright ! Thanks !

  23. STGeoTronics Says:

    The Arduino Community Logo has been adopted for our Open Source Enigma Replica. See it at

  24. El Artis Says:

    Here is my proposal of use of the logo. Thanks for dessing.

  25. mred77 Says:

    I can share a link as it is on my farm gate – building an Arduino farm!
    Live cattle locations, weather stations, water monitoring, in paddock video feeds,rfid reading and weighing and quad copter mustering. No where near finished and a long way to go but ‘An Open Source Farm’!

  26. ttoommeekk Says:

    Here is our collage of arduino community and our BCI lab logos 😉

    …and at the bottom of right sidebar on our lab’s website:


  27. DarK_AlximiK Says:

    Here is my proposal with a little more improvising
    We use arduinos in our sumo and other robots

    sorry for the wrong link

  28. DarK_AlximiK Says:

    Here is my proposal with much more improvising
    We use arduino for robotics and participate in international robotic competitions.
    We are open for collaborations.

  29. fabnelli Says:

    Hi, all. I share the link of the Meccanismo Complesso community with the customized logo

  30. rvr_ Says:

    Here is the community logo for Arduino Gran Canaria

  31. GizmoGal Says:

    Hello, So which logos won the awards? –GizmoGal

  32. TechnoWiz2Cubed Says:

    Who won?

  33. darrenmyers13 Says:

    Great logo for the web! Awesome logo for 4-color process printing!
    Not very useful if looking to add the logo to objects. You have the elegant one color logo for Arduino, but then you make the community version difficult to reproduce. Try using a wood burner to put that logo on a hobby case – you’d set it on fire.
    Re-examine your design for the end user, not a Cannes Lion or an Addy.

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