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Arduino at Maker Faire Rome on video

Zoe RomanoOctober 30th, 2013

Arduino at Makerfaire Video


Three weeks after Maker Faire Rome we’d like to share with you some memories of those special days with a short video featuring  Massimo Banzi commenting on the big news announced during the fair, but also Riccardo Luna, David Cuartielles, Sherry Huss, Jennifer Turliuk, Leah Buechley, David Gauntlett …

And as an introduction to it I borrow the words Massimo uses towards the end of his interview in the video:

People often think Arduino is all about making electronic boards. But actually, helping organise a big event like this, working for two years to get partners to be able to create a Maker Faire  for the whole of Europe and achieving the result of getting more than 200 makers and thousands of visitors to the same place to talk about the maker movement and facilitating collaboration in Europe, is sometimes much more important than creating yet another electronic board.

Enjoy the video and share yours with us  in the comments:


A special thank  goes to the videomaker-duo composed by Paolo Ceretto and Alessandro Bernard who run around with us in the huge venue of Palazzo dei Congressi for 4 days and were able capture memorable moments!   Don’t miss their latest work: a documentary following the amazing story of the rise and fall of the inventors of Programma 101 (click to watch the trailer) , the world’s first desktop computer by Olivetti.

Alessandro Bernard and Paolo Ceretto