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Moti on Kickstarter: spin the dials and the motors follow!

Zoe RomanoOctober 9th, 2013

moti on kickstarted

Moti is a smart motor you can control from an app . It allows to use your fingers directly on the screen to move the motor, adjust speed with sliders and even program motions with simple building blocks. You can attach it to any kind of objects and bring them to life with intuitive and easily understandable steps.

At the same time Moti is advanced enough to satisfy makers and developers who are looking to build complex robots. Each one is programmable with Arduino, has bunch of built-in sensors, daisy-chains, and even has a web-API so you can develop sites and games for your robot.

Nick wrote us:

Our aim with Moti is to make robotics accessible to everyone by providing a
tool that’s as intuitive to use as a hammer. Simply attach Moti smart motors to anything and then use the graphical app to bring your creation to life…spin the dials and the motors follow. Presto, instant robot!

Moti was born out of our frustrations in building robots. ¬†We’ve just done a lot of the grunt work so you don’t have to.

At present, a lot of low level work is required to get a robot moving, and that prevents most people from exploring beyond the basics, if at all. Moti simplifies robotics so more people can apply it to interests such as amateur filmmaking, animatronics, window displays, art projects, 3D printed robots, DIY toys, RC vehicles, home automation and much more.

In the 80’s computing shifted from labs and industry into everyday life. We think robotics is ready for a similar shift, and Moti is here to help that happen.

They are on Kickstarter now! See how it works: