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Welcome to the new phase of Arduino website

Zoe RomanoOctober 2nd, 2013

New Arduino Website


After 12 hours of hard work, we are back online! Expect much more  in the upcoming weeks.


7 Responses to “Welcome to the new phase of Arduino website”

  1. troyka_4484 Says:

    Magnificent new website, good work guys!

  2. spetovar Says:

    Very NICE!

  3. RuiSantos Says:

    Looks Awesome!
    Good Work.

  4. jonnygreenwood Says:

    good GUI …. very excellent !

  5. Vanyamba Says:

    Beauty! =)

  6. aisencc Says:

    Fantastic redesign, great new fonts & cleanliness!

  7. Suyog Says:

    i am not happy with the change its difficult to find articles

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