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Updating about Arduino Yún (video preview!) and Arduino Robot

Massimo BanziAugust 21st, 2013

Arduino Yún - Unboxing

Some months ago we announced that we were developing a new product to meet the growing demand for wi-fi, linux based boards. The blogpost on the upcoming Arduino YÚN was our most read ever, and since then the attention has stayed high.

Recently, some of you have been asking why the YÚN hasn’t come out yet and why the Arduino Robot is not yet available for purchase.

Simply put, moving to a wifi-enabled linux board is a whole new step for Arduino and it’s taking longer than we expected. Arduino YÚN  is our most complex product ever and we decided to working on getting it right regardless of timing.

The early prototypes boards mounted 8MB of Flash and 32MB of RAM. While we managed to implement most of the YÚN features previously planned inside this amount of memory, we were forced to use optimized versions of the most common software packages: smaller in size but missing a lot of cool features available in the “full” non-optimized version.

We also quickly discovered that there wasn’t plenty of free space remaining for the user to install additional packages or to run complex programs without incurring in stability problems.

Considering this we finally decided to double both Flash and RAM, giving a comfortable 16MB of Flash and 64MB of RAM.

We try our best to get everything done as soon as possible while still providing the quality that we hope distinguishes Arduino products.

The delay in the Arduino Robot is connected to that of YÚN and our distribution processes.

We are really happy about the new Arduino YÚN and we hope the community will be as well.

The board is going to be available on the Arduino Store from September the 10th, while being delivered to our distributors late this month. In the video below you can watch a  preview of the board with me and David Cuartielles giving some more details about it.


From the product pages on the Arduino Store,  for the YÚN and Robot, you can activate an alert that will send you an email when the product is available from the distributors.


5 Responses to “Updating about Arduino Yún (video preview!) and Arduino Robot”

  1. viniciusvba Says:


  2. eddiea6987 Says:

    i need that shirt toooooooooooo!!!!!!

    and that board seems interesting , i want it

  3. Feedback Says:

    Cant wait!

  4. Jantje Says:

    I see there a USB port available to the linux.
    I assume I can add a Arduino mega or due to that port and program it from Linino like I can from openwrt. Is that a correct assumption?

  5. gussmith Says:

    What is the startup time of the Yun including Linux? Is it instant or how much time does it need?

    Also for shutdown, can you just shutoff the power or does Linux needs a proper shutdown?

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