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New infrared applications using Arduino at Mini MakerFaire Dublin (tomorrow!)

Zoe RomanoJuly 26th, 2013


The power of infrared light was widely and best appreciated with invention of television’s remote controls. The signal between a remote control handset and the device it controls, consists of pulses of infrared light, which is not visible to the human eye.

Tomorrow at MakerFaire Dublin you’ll we able to see the work of AnalysIR, a project that is taking this technology to a whole new level.

They implemented a Windows application which connects to an Arduino with the addition of an IR receiver and can decode new IR signals in a fraction of the time: no need for expensive Logic Analyzers or Oscilloscopes.

Here they are with their Indiegogo campaign:

At MakerFaire they will be showing some cool demos of what you can do with IR like generating electricity, seeing the invisible -Using iPhone & Android camera to check if TV remote is working, long range TV remote Control Demo Using Optics and many more applications for a total of 10 installations. Look out for them on Saturday!

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  1. jeroenV1982 Says:

    Hi, for my work I need to compare a couple of IR Emitting Blocks. I do have a 20MHz old Oscciloscope and lots of Arduino but no MCU. Can I use this to determine the quality of IR Blocks by comparing output signals? My company has and sells a specific brand and block for almost 10 years but it needs an update. My task is to compare ours with new competitor models and deside which is best. I have noticed difference in output signals (strengt of blinking emitters and speed of the LED blinking). Your help is much appreciated!

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