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Let your Arduino talk with your Android

Zoe RomanoJuly 9th, 2013


Annikken Andee is a Bluetooth® Arduino shield, currently on an Indiegogo campaign, that let  Arduino communicate with  Android device without writing Android code.

With the growing popularity of smart phones in this time and era it’s interesting to explore how Arduino could tap on the strength of smart phones – touch screen capability and smart phone capability. However for the integration to work, one has to develop the corresponding Smart phone app to handle the Bluetooth communication and provide a stable GUI on the screen.

Therefore to make things easier for Arduino developers who wish to tap on the power on smartphone, the Singapore-based team came up Annikken Andee project, an Arduino shield, with supporting resources, that performs primarily the following actions:

  • handles the communication between Android and Arduino
  • GUI creation on smartphone by coding on Arduino. Requires no Smartphone App programming
  • accesses to Smartphone functions from Arduino Library
  • provides larger, portable and non-volatile storage

The shield communicates with Arduino via the ICSP header (SPI) and pin 8. An SD card Reader is available for external data storage for Arduino –  for huge data storage or extended period of data logging activity by Arduino. As Android has yet to support for Bluetooth 4.0/Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE), they are using Bluetooth 2.1 module WT11i by Bluegiga for communicating with the Android phone. Currently the shield supports Arduino Uno, Mega and Leonardo.

Robin, part of the Team Annikken Ande, wrote us:

With Andee, Arduino user can program the UI on their Android phone by downloading the Andee Arduino Library onto their Arduino IDE and the Andee Android App into their Android phone from google play store. Using the functions in the Arduino library, user can easily design the UI on the Andee Android App without touching Android programming.

As we hope to spread the news of this invention to as many people as possible, we believe that is the perfect place to help us make this work.


7 Responses to “Let your Arduino talk with your Android”

  1. Davinder Singh Says:

    Its kind of bluetooth shield (act as server) on arduino which displays interface on Andee android app(act as client). awesome idea.

  2. Team Annikken Says:

    You can find us at

  3. Sante Says:

    How is this different/better than Amarino? Seems a bit pricey for it does although I am hugely behind the idea.

  4. Peter L. Berghold Says:

    So… where can one of those shields be purchased? I did a web search for them and it would seem Andee is still vaporware….

  5. Sante Says:

    Click the indiegogo link in the article (line 1). If enough people fund it then they’ll ship sept. Otherwise everyone gets their money back.

  6. Bkteo Says:

    Being a seasoned Android app developer myself, any app from scratch is not hard but nonetheless easy – it takes time, not to mentioned a bluetooth app. For Annikken Andee, it takes things one abstraction level higher where it lets you build customizable screens from coding TOTALLY in the familiar Arduino environment. For the Android side? if you can download apps from Google Play store, you are good to go. A plus point is after you are done with your project, another guy can connect to your Arduino program (if you allow it) just by downloading the same app from play store. There is no need to worry about distributing your android app around. All uses the same app, but connect to different Arduino + Andee, you get different application.

  7. BellaLabs Says:

    It’s remarkable to go to see this site and reading the views of all mates on the topic of this post, while I am also eager of getting know-how.

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