“Bunnie” Huang talks about Maker Economy on CSDN

Davide GombaJuly 5th, 2013

picture by Joi Ito

Andrew “Bunnie” Huang, creator of Chumby and NeTV, gave an interesting interview about Maker Movement and Maker economy to the chinese “Programmer Magazine” or CSDN.net.

The Maker movement, I think, is less about developing products, and more about developing people. It’s about helping people realize that technology is something man-made, and because of this, every person has the power to control it: it just takes some knowledge. There is no magic in technology. Another way to look at it is, we can all be magicians with a little training.

as a matter of fact, Bunnie will talk about this and more other related  stuff at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire on Saturday the 27th of July (enroll) (thanks to William Hooi for sharing)

via [Bunniestudios]

4 Responses to ““Bunnie” Huang talks about Maker Economy on CSDN”

  1. sogay Says:

    does he wear lipstick 😎

  2. anterbox Says:

    Looking forward to 27th of july!! 🙂 Developing people will sure develop more products 😀

  3. Patola Says:

    That framing of the Maker movement makes all sense to me. Thanks for the quotation!

  4. Priscilla Granger Says:

    If I am right and we are moving to an economy that depends on our networks, then it is essential that we learn what each of our networks means.

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