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Community is about bringing people in: welcome Arduteka

dcuartiellesApril 16th, 2012

During the last year we have seen our community growing at a tremendous pace. This has its pros and cons. More people means more people to help out, but also more work in moderating the forum. We want to be inclusive at we work of supporting multi-language forum topics, as well as the multi-language IDE. The way this is done is through delegation and we have been welcoming new moderators recently who, by the way, are making a terrific job and are pushing the team in improving the Database’s response times with very creative solutions.

On top of that, we are opening the blog to guest bloggers. Davide Gomba, head of Officine Arduino Torino, is going to be coordinating the group of bloggers that will be posting contents to the Arduino Official site.

When it comes to the Spanish community, we have been looking at the work made by Arduteka ( in Zaragoza, Spain. They have been running a forum for some time and are very engaged in reaching people speaking Spanish from all around the world. Therefore we have decided to invite Pablo and his partner Carlos to become both moderators in our Forum and guest bloggers to write about projects made with Arduino as well as tutorials in Spanish and reviews of different Arduino-related products.

In this way we are not just enlarging our group of moderators, but bringing people with opinions and a strong interest in getting things done the right way. As Pablo and Carlos cannot be attending two forums at once, we will do our best to import the most informative of the messages in their current forum to also help their current user base feel more comfortable with the migration.

Here a quote from Arduteka’s announcement taken from their website (in Spanish):

Cuando llevábamos apenas dos meses, nos pedisteis la incorporación de un foro en que pudiéramos “conocernos” plantear proyectos, quedadas, dudas y demás…

De nuevo tuvo gran éxito entre vosotros incrementando aún más el flujo de visitas (hasta el punto que nuestro servidor esta cuasi saturado) y generando gran unión entre la comunidad, con una gran comunicación, llegando a diferentes países de habla hispana como España, Venezuela, México o Colombia

Pues bien amigos, todo este trabajo y esfuerzo no ha caído en saco roto para el equipo oficial de Arduino y a partir de ahora colaboraremos activamente en la difusión y organización de contenido en castellano en!

El primer paso, será la unión de este foro con el oficial de de manera que juntemos esfuerzos en la unión y difusión de la comunidad de habla hispana, uniremos experiencias y daremos forma al foro entre el moderador actual Coleoptero y yo.

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