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Social Fuel For Your Car: Travel With A Little Help From Your Friends

Davide GombaFebruary 23rd, 2012

Impressing automotive hacking lets this FIAT car moving by the number of “like” from the Guarana Antarctica Facebook Fan Page. The advertising idea is simple: let the social audience support this Sau Paulo to Salvador trip to reach the Carnivalby commenting / “liking” the page. The onboard Arduino ADK (connected to a tablet and the internet) allows the car going on by a certain amount of meters (apparently one “like” is 10 meters, while each comment lets the car go ahead for 20 meters).

The campaign, developed by Espalhe Guerilla Marketing, chose three participants who posted creative phrases on Guarana’s Facebook page to get a place in the Facebook-powered car. While driving the car from Sao Paolo to Salvador for the party, they need to reach 220,000 interactions on the Facebook app to make it to their destination.


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