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Welcome Officine Arduino Torino

Massimo BanziFebruary 22nd, 2012

(photo by Cesare Griffa)

Last friday in Torino, Italy a new kind of company opened its doors.

Officine Arduino Torino is a combination of Makerspace, Fablab and an Arduino “office” dedicated to further the development of the platform and open source hardware.

Officine Arduino is born out of the experience of creating the first FabLab in Italy during an exhibition that lasted throughout 2011. We experienced the positive energy that came out of the encounter between the local community of makers, students, designers and our team based in Torino.
After the exhibition shut down we though that Arduino could act as an “incubator” to empower the people we work with to setup a company that would share our resources and equipment with the local community. Luckily we found the amazing people at Toolbox co-working  ( who provided us with free space within an old FIAT factory.

Officina means “workshop” and in Italian it has the vintage sound of the name given to those small companies that made amazing products with limited resources and a lot of ingenuity.

We wanted to see what comes out when you connect open source hardware and software, digital fabrication, maker culture, hands-on learning, open design, alternative business models, co-working and a great community.

Torino is the “template” for more Officine Arduino we would like to open around the world so that more people can hang out with us and build amazing stuff.

If you have the chance go to Torino and have fun at the officine.

PS: We’re looking for some people to help us in Torino.
PHP Developer
Guest Blogger
Interns // Electronics Engineer
(please note that the Php developer and Intern position are based in Torino Italy and are open to people who have the legal requirements to work in the EU/EEA)

6 Responses to “Welcome Officine Arduino Torino”

  1. Lucas Says:

    hello, I am working with a co-worker at one of my elementary school and she bought 3 lights from China. They are not working for her because of the programming. Your product would work very well i believe. Can someone from your staff get in contact with us for projects. 🙂 RSVP

  2. emuboy Says:

    Wow, mi piacerebbe farci un giro, io sono di Bergamo, è già possibile visitarlo?dove esattamente?bisogna prendere appuntamento?

  3. Barravi Says:

    Mi rendete orgoglioso di essere Torinese

    (e tragicamente nostalgico della mia cittá, in cui spero un giorno di poter tornare)

  4. Davide Gomba Says:

    Hi Lucas.
    Where are you from? I strongly adivce you to open a thread on our forum.

  5. Luciano Says:

    Dear Arduinos,
    I’m glad to hear of this new exciting opportunity for Italian makers and DIYers.
    If you’ll ever have intention to open another Arduino officina I’d be very interested in collaborating with you offering a space in Cassino (FR).
    This small city, with a University Faculty of Engineering, a RIV SKF and a Fiat factory and many small industries working for the two big ones, seems to be a good place where to open a creative space like this.
    Regards, congratulations and good luck for your newborn.


  6. Mathgon Says:

    It semmes to be a nice place. I have to visit it during my next trip to Torino!

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