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A device to read your mind – or not?

Priya KuberNovember 14th, 2011

The latest member of the AI family, who is reaching out to users is the much talked about Siri. What if she started executing commands using just thoughts rather than words?

A project by Ollie and Josh, which everyone is talking about, called the Project Black Mirror is gaining a lot of interest among the believers and skeptics alike.

One of the comments reads as:

“Quick question? How are you amplifying the EEG signals before feeding them into the arduino? I ask because all of the neuroscience researchers I’ve talked to say you need an amplifier roughly the size of a VCR to bring the signals up to levels at which they can be analyzed. If you’ve found a way to just plug wires from the electrode pads into the analog inputs on an arduino that would be quite the breakthrough. Also is there any chance you’d be willing to demo your code for separating the brain activity on the EEG from noise created by environmental effects and muscle movements since I’m sure you know that something as small as an eye blink creates an electrical impulse at the scalp which dwarfs the majority of the brain’s electrical signals when measured through the skull. “

Unlike the other post that we made about brain-controlled devices using  an Emotiv headset, this one claims to recognize different words.

Another report of such a nature, comes from :

They outfitted volunteers with caps with EEG sensors, and asked them to steer a helicopter on a computer screen through a series of randomly generated rings that appeared on the screen ahead of it. There were no hand controls, no joysticks. They could only try to will the helicopter forward with their minds.

Citing an example of an experiment by Dr. Bin He of the University of Minnesota and his team.

Although it would be nice to observe such a project see the daylight, but for now, the possibility seems a little far away.

Prologue : Quoted from their blog:

Also today we have got the go ahead form kickstarter,  to get  project black mirror up there,  now all we need to do is set up an US business.. eeek ! ( anyone know how to set up a business in the US ?)

(PS: Verdict postponed till the Kickstarter program ends ;))


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