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A Wall of 250 Canon Cameras Flashing Their Lights In A Matrix

Davide GombaAugust 3rd, 2011

Japanese band Androp realized for it’s latest single “Bright Siren” a 250 Flash light-based interactive Matrix.

Japan musicians Androp built a backdrop of 250 Canon cameras and programmed all their flashes to fire off in a sort of digital stop-motion screen.

The “Making of” after the break.

The programming of the Flashlights is controlled with Arduino, OpenFramworks and Flash. The video was realized by Party, a creative lab based between NY and Tokyo who developed Nike’s spot on bendable music shoes and other breath-taking videos.

Inspired by the song’s lyrics, “not to make it a memory,” Party created the video using 250 Canon still cameras; their flashes were controlled via a potent DIY cocktail of arduino, openFrameworks, and Flash. The effect is a “light animation” produced with no CGI at all.

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