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Google Launches Android Open Accessory Development Kit Based On Arduino

Davide GombaMay 10th, 2011

As seen in the streaming of Google IO 2011, physical computing and interactive enviroments are one of the main topics opening the conference. The Android Open Accessory Kit is going to allow Android related devices receive data from different sensors (just via USB, for now).

The Android Open Accessory Development Kit (ADK) provides an implementation of an Android USB accessory that is based on the Arduino open source electronics prototyping platform, the accessory’s hardware design files, code that implements the accessory’s firmware, and the Android application that interacts with the accessory. The hardware design files and code are contained in the ADK package download.

The board is  based on the Arduino Mega2560 and Circuits@Home USB Host Shield designs, since it communicates to the phone in its “accessory” mode. You can get the custom library / firmware to make it run & test with the shield pictured on top.

more info on the [Android Developer site], via [engadget] source [Google IO]

22 Responses to “Google Launches Android Open Accessory Development Kit Based On Arduino”

  1. Bruce Hopkins Says:

    I got the same question. Where and when can we buy the ADK board?

  2. Simon Says:

    you can buy from the this website
    some of it is in japanese, so simple use google translate;

  3. Jcweldon Says:

    i think ADK is the developer toolkit, it should work with most arduino boards.

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  5. WestfW Says:

    Current sold by (and sold out) a Japanese company:
    Rather expensive in the current incarnation, and unclear how the rights propagate (since trademarks are issues here too, I imagine.)

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  7. Rocco Musolino Says:

    Standard arduino uno board, could be fine?

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  9. pandit Says:

    gr8 thinking , effective information. many user want to take and get more information ,,

  10. Says:

    You can do it with a Uno and a USB host Shield (or build one).
    Thanks for commenting,


  11. flapjackboy Says:

    @WestfW: Yeah, the official board is expensive, but since it’s Arduino-based, they have to release the board schematics and Gerber files, so we should start seeing cheaper, compatible 3rd-party boards being released soon.

  12. Oleg Mazurov Says:

    I added support for ADK code to the standard USB Host library ->

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  14. Latj Says:

    and here 😉

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  19. Matias Says:

    Hello, excuse my ignorance, but this board is only used for development?. If you create an accessory to interact with android, you must purchase one of these boards ??for each accessory you make?

  20. Says:

    Hi Matias.
    To answer your question: you need this kind of board to prototype / develop accessories for Android phone.

    thanks for commenting,

  21. Jeff Horne Says:

    Does the ADK board use the same code posted in the libraries as the current Mega?
    Since some time has past since the original announcement, is there a new location for additional libraries developed? What about hardware development boards? Where are they being posted?
    The reason for my questions is I had previously planned to use a pair of mega boards to automate my HVAC system, alarm, lighting, AV etc… I was just about to purchase my boards when I heard Google took interest but I have seen little posted on developments that may help with my interfacing. I am also looking for what ANDROID for apps has developed for interface with the Arduino. Anyone see DROID apps for ARDUINO interface yet?

  22. Says:

    Hi Jeff.
    The ADK board support the libraries of the current MEGA.
    Read through the ADK page on Labs

    More info posted soon.
    thanks for commenting,

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