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Cheap Thermocam Around 100$

Davide GombaMarch 14th, 2011

[Max] forwarded me an impressive project about a DIY Themal Camera. The overall cost for building it is around 104$, compairing to professional products ranging from from 2000$ to 30.000$.

after some time of research I want to present my latest project called “Cheap-Thermocam”. It enables to create thermal images of houses, electrical devices or other things. An infrared sensor is mounted on two servos for moving it up/down – left/right. For an optical image of the scanned area, a webcam is installed under the sensor. An easy to install computer software written in JAVA shows a preview of the webcam image and then collects all the temperature data neccessarry to create the thermal image. To do this, 1344 single points are measured in about 2 minutes, this is a rare resolution of 42×32 Pixels. The advantage of my project compared to commercial thermal cameras is obviously the price. Another positive aspect is that the pictures can be analysed and edited with my easy to use pc software. The whole project can be built in 2-3 hours without any difficult parts do be soldered.

Related Arduino projects about this theme can be seen here (DIY Thermal Imaging System for under $200) and here (Thermoscanner).  All Codes are provided

via [CheapThermocam]