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Kinect Controlled Delta-Robot

Davide GombaMarch 7th, 2011

Everybody’s amazed about the incredible things done with Kinect and Processing + Arduino. Tutorial need!

This is a project in development for the module “Digital Ecologies”, at the Bartlett’s Adaptive Architecture and Computation MSc. – University College London

A Delta-Robot is controlled by a Kinect through Processing and Arduino. The movements of the performer control directly the position of the robot’s effector, and the rotation and opening of the gripper.
Once the plattform is properly calibrated (still a little rough round the edges!), several autonomous behaviours will be implemented.

have a look at [resources]via [KinectHacks]

3 Responses to “Kinect Controlled Delta-Robot”

  1. Kostis Says:

    I liked when the creation tried to capture the creator 😛
    You think arduino will start the robot apocalypse? 😛

    Seriously looks good work

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  3. Motive Colloquies Says:

    Have a look to the new version on it!!

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