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SimplenZAR Gets More Complicated

Davide GombaMarch 3rd, 2011

Arduino sending MIDI messages to control some other geeky machinery for electronic music, on breadboard.

Lately SimplenZAR becomes a self-made shield.

Late again an Arduino is developed just to fit that shield and set the original Arduino free to for the next project. Bravo!

As the name simplenZAR implicates, this thing should be very simple, but with all the cables it it is not very useful. So I decided to take this a bit further and expand my knowledge a bit. I decided to build a shield to fit the Arduino, so I could get rid of all the cables. […]

[…] But, I wanted to be able to do more projects with my Arduino, so I decided to build a very basic one that I can use for my simplenZAR-shield. Again, after one evening of drawing in Illustrator I came up with a rudimentary Arduino clone. Without Serial connection. I just put on the programmed chip. Here is the result.

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