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Tiny Femtoduino, The Smallest Arduino Compatible Board

Davide GombaFebruary 17th, 2011

Some time ago I’ve been reading about the smallest Tv-B-Gone, and as I ran into [Fabio Varesano]’s projects (Thankyou Enkel!) I was amazed in seeing probably the smallest Arduino compatible board.

By using the QFN32 version of the ATMEGA 328p, 0.05″ connectors, 0402 components and removing everything not strictly necessary, I’ve been able to design and hand build an Arduino compatible board which is very small (20.7×15.2 mm) and ultra light (2g) but has exactly the same computing power of the Arduino Duemilanove or UNO.

When size matters:

Femtoduino has been developed for ultrasmall Arduino prototyping. I had the need to add “Arduino intelligence” to quite small objects (balls, cubes, mices, etc) so I needed to shrink down the size of Arduino as much as possible. Femtoduino is the result.

Fabio shares all files / codes and schematics under CC-BY-SA 3.0 Unported. Good Job Fabio!

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