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Great work from OCAD Students

tigoeFebruary 17th, 2011

Kate Hartman’s students at Ontario College of Art & Design have been doing some excellent projects using wearable technology to examine our relationship to our bodies.  Using sewable circuits, LilyPad Arduinos, and a lot of creative thought, they’ve come up with a range of projects, some thought-provoking, some humorous, some both, that will make you think twice about your body.

I am Woman hear me beep by Amanda Almeida, Erin Lewis, Loretta Faveri

The Shoulder by Michael Vaughan, Andrea Rataj, Hira Gardezi

The Heart Chakra by Katherine Dark, Hilary Hayes-Wilson, and Ken Leung

The Nipple byRachel Kess & Elija Hayden Montgomery

Check out the Social Wearables as well.