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Arduino 0020 released for Windows and Mac (supports Uno and Mega 2560).

David MellisSeptember 27th, 2010

Arduino 0020 for Windows and Mac OS X is now available from the download page. It features support for the new Uno and Mega 2560 boards and a new logo designed by ToDo. The Linux version will follow shortly.

A lot of people helped make this possible, including:

  • Dean Camera of LUFA, the lightweight USB framework for AVRs that forms the basis of the USB-serial firmware on the ATmega8U2 on the Uno and Mega 2560
  • Zach Eveland who got the 8U2 firmwares working and tested
  • Peter Knight of optiboot, the bootloader we’re using on the Uno, saving 1.5 KB of flash memory for your sketches
  • Mark Sproul who tested and debugged the ATmega2560 support (including the new stk500v2 bootloader)
  • Hans-Cristoph Steiner who developed Firmata, the default firmware on the Arduino Uno and Mega 2560, and Paul J Stoffregen who ported it to the Mega

Thanks to everyone for their help!

On a technical note, the source code for Arduino has migrated to GitHub to facilitate distributed development and merging. It includes the source code for the 8U2 firmwares that we’re using for USB-serial conversion. The issues list and developers documentation will remain on the Google Code Arduino project for the foreseeable future.


10 Responses to “Arduino 0020 released for Windows and Mac (supports Uno and Mega 2560).”

  1. @danielrsoto Says:

    arduinoteam awesome!

  2. gianni Says:

    arduinoteam is WONDERFUL – thank you so much for your work !

  3. bigbodynobrain Says:

    why must they not release it for linux yet?

  4. Zach Cross Says:

    Any insight as to when those of us running linux will be able to get in on the fun? I just bought the Arduino UNO at Maker Faire and cant use it :(.

  5. Voltron43 Says:

    When’s 0020 for Linux due to be released?

  6. John Boxall Says:

    Thanks again Arduino team for everything! 🙂

  7. dcuartielles Says:


    the reason why Arduino 0020 is been delayed for Linux has to do with the way one of the open libraries that we use handles the search of serial ports. RXTX is an open source library made for cross-platform use of serial ports from Java, it substitutes the less-successful CommAPI released before by Sun Microsystems.
    Under Linux, there are plenty of different ways how to register the name of a serial port: ttyS*, ttyUSB*, etc. The new boards are using a driver that requires the identifier ttyACM* which is not implemented in the automatic search of RXTX. We are working in fixing this in the most elegant way possible. We could of course publish a nasty hack letting you use your board asap, but we want to implement something that will allow us iterate our software in the nicest way possible.
    Worst case scenario, we will release a temporary version of the software in the next day, please be patient, it is almost there 🙂

  8. Tom Igoe Says:

    This post neglected to mention Christian Cerrito, who re-wrote most of the example pages for the site update.

  9. New Arduino boards announced, and more Says:

    […] new Arduino IDE (version 0020) is available for download, supporting the new Arduino […]

  10. Zach Cross Says:

    Thanks for the Linux update! (and for “doing it right the first time”)

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