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So far we are second … spread the rumor

dcuartiellesMay 12th, 2010

Thanks to the amazing response from the community, Arduino is now second at Italy’s Wired competition to send a project to Shanghai’s World Expo this year. We are 1000 votes behind, please keep on voting 🙂

See the scores here:


3 Responses to “So far we are second … spread the rumor”

  1. Ken Says:

    I can’t read Italian. Do we just click on the stars?

    You’ve got my vote!

  2. prune Says:


    As I don’t speak (or read) italian… how can I vote for you ? Maybe some help for not italian readers would help to beat the other project 🙂

  3. dcuartielles Says:

    Yeah, just click the starts 🙂 That will make the magic for us!

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