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Vote for Arduino! [English subtitled video provided!]

Davide GombaMay 10th, 2010

You have probably read this blog post from [dcuartielles] talking about “Italia degli Innovatori” project.

The Italian government is making a selection of national innovations to bring to Shanghai’s Expo this year. There have been many entries, among them ours, and now Wired Italy is conducting an online poll to decide which will be the chosen ones to be present at the Expo. Representing Arduino, Massimo submitted an entry in the name of Smartprojects, the company manufacturing Arduino USB and Arduino Mega, as well as a bunch of the official shields. The whole campaign is in Italian, and therefore it is pretty hard for the non-Italian speakers to even get to know this is happening.

Since I taped the interview some time ago, I chose to upload it on our youtube channel, with english subtitles.

Remember that this interview was shot to explain Arduino to an italian audience that used to ignore it. Massimo is one of the most modest person I know, and reading throught the subtitles I could feel the inner differences among english and italian.

Tell us what you think and – overall – vote!

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One Response to “Vote for Arduino! [English subtitled video provided!]”

  1. Massimiliano Says:

    Ciao Massimo, io ci credo cosi tanto in arduino e nella filosofia dell open source che lo sto usando nella mia tesi in ing elettronica per il comando di un motore per il raffreddamento di apparecchiature avioniche.Il mio prof. è un po scettico sull’utilizzo ma spero di fargli cambiare idea…avevo pensato di arricchire il progetto con un comando da rmeoto con modulo xbee…..Ho due domande!!!

    1 Qaundo esce il tuo nuovo libro lo aspettavo per aprile?
    2 Quando vieni a fare qualche corso o presentazione a sud dell’italia?

    Mi puoi mandare qualche materiale sulla storia di arduino grazie

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