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Canafote – Arduino Network Infrastructure (in Spanish)

dcuartiellesApril 23rd, 2010

Canafote, sensor network project

(c) 2010 by Canafote project

In this time of blogs and Web 2.0. aren’t you missing good old html pages? Well, that is what you will see when you visit the Proyecto Canafote website. This project just got the Open Source Software Price from Sevilla’s University in Spain. It’s page states:

Este proyecto se basa en la tecnología Arduino que es un proyecto de hardware libre. El objetivo de este proyecto, es el envío de una serie de datos obtenidos por sensores ya sea de temperatura, humedad,etc. por ethernet o por xbee, creando una red de sensores que a parte de obtener datos también los trata y reacciona ante ellos.

What means:

This project is based on Arduino technology, which is an open hardware project. This project’s goal is to send data coming from sensors, whether they messure temperature, moisture, etc over ethernet or Xbee creating a sensor network. This system, besides obtaining data, is able of reacting towards them.

Canafonte Network Architecture

(c) 2010 Canafonte Network Project

The network needs a server that will collect al the data and eventually report the actuators in the network when they should make a move. The wireless part of the net needs an ethernet-Xbee gateway to connect. The server is written in Python and runs on linux, and creates a series of graphs coming from the different sensors on the fly.

There is a lot to polish in the website, regarding documentation. But dudes, this was made by a student in his spare time. Can you imagine how far this could go if we all give him a hand in doing things like translating his documentation videos to other languages? Just in case you are interested in the legal issues behind all this, everything is under GPL3, great job!!

The project owner, Alvaro Neira Ayuso, is publishing a blog to document the process of making the project. Congratulations for that award!!


3 Responses to “Canafote – Arduino Network Infrastructure (in Spanish)”

  1. Gran apoyo « Cañafote: redes de sensores Says:

    […] arduino, aquí os adjunto la dirección del blog para que podáis leer la entrada del blog arduino […]

  2. arduinolover Says:

    interesting project

  3. Angelgroove Says:

    I would love to see some more development in this area. There are instances everywhere where an embedded project that can sweep in data and send it through an Ethernet port are required yet sadly short in supply. This is an area of great importance and again would love to see more development.

    Anyone interested in doing so with replacing COBOL in a small mainframe into a Arduino run micro-controller with memory. This would be a shared hybrid project as there are careful safety consideration here that would mean not publishing all the results.

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