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Fundacion Arte y Derecho grants an Arduino project

dcuartiellesApril 22nd, 2010

R3sist3ncias projection

(c) 2010 by Cristina Ghetti and Patricia Aragon

Two of the students I met during my spring course at the School of Fine Arts at Valencia Polytechnic University earlier this year, have just been granted by the Spanish Foundation “Fundacion Arte y Derecho” for their work developing:

[…] Interactive interfaces, using open source and cheap materials. Tactile interfaces of easy  usablity  and learning willing to be installed in multiple spaces for modifiyng their  carachteristics.

Tangu: Interactive multi user interface. in Phase of development, we had created three prototipes and contents using processing code

They can be placed either on floor or wall, creating different situations and types of interaction.can be re-utilized for multiple projects aiming to promote  multi- authorship  and work in progress

It might look like just another input system connected to Processing, but if you consider their smallest prototype has 59 inputs … things turn to be a little different. This post is just to congratulate Cristina and Patricia for their good work and persistence!