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Arduino Cheatsheet

dcuartiellesApril 23rd, 2010

Thanks God, finally someone made it! I was starting not to be able of following Arduino’s development, this Cheatsheet from The Mechatronics Guy came to save me.


Arduino Cheatsheet

(c) 2010 Arduino Cheatsheet by The Mechatronics Guy

The beauty of it is that you can get all the knowledge at once, but also that the platform has now reached the highschool-exam level. People need the cheatsheet to make it to the exam. I just love it, I will print it and put it at K3’s lab here in Malmö. I bet you a Swedish Crown a lot of people will do the same.


Would you like to get a PDF version of the sheet? Click here. Thanks to Make for the link.


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  1. Arduino Cheatsheet (PDF) « adafruit industries blog Says:

    […] Arduino Cheatsheet very handy! The Mechatronics Guy writes – I really love cheat sheets. In a lot of cases they can take the place of an entire manual. So I was surprised, given its popularity that I couldn’t find a single-page reference for the arduino online. I tried to make a sheet that captured all the things I hit the reference for while programming. What data type does the millis() function return? How long till that overflows again? How large can a long get? What baud rates can the serial handle? […]

  2. Lino Says:

    There’s an error in the second column, section “Constants”: 2.4e5 is 240,000, not 245,000.

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