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Arduino powered LV Tanker to 5th place

dcuartiellesMarch 22nd, 2010



LV Tanker - Arduino Powered Robot

(c) 2010 by the author, LV Tanker - Arduino Powered Robot

J. Pagliaccio just sent us an email about the NY Science Olympiad Regional Finals at Webber Middle School. An Arduino powered robot, the LV Tanker, made it to 5th place of 43 contestants.

The LV Tanker pushed its way through the semi finals and – with is blinking LEDs and front mounted laser the Tanker was a real crowd favorite – being the only contender to be controlled by a custom 2.4 GHz remote with Wii Nunchuck, and the only sumo bot entry with its own on-board programmable (Arduino) microcontroller. But in the end, the Tanker got blindsided from the side – its only weak spot, and was pushed out.
You can read more about it at Julian’s blog (the guy who made it). I love the subtitle for his blog: Building “The LV Tanker” – The chronicles of a 6/7th-grader building a remote controlled bot. There is a lot of information there like the following picture describing the different parts involved in building up this robot.


(c) 2010 by the author, LV-tanker description