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Arduino + Adobe Flex

Davide GombaMarch 29th, 2010

Hardware Hacking with the Arduino ScreenCast

All around the web it’s very easy to find different ways to link Arduino to a wide range of apps, like Processing, VVVV, Pure Data, Quarzt Composer and so on.

Have a look at this screencast to check hot to drive Arduino via Adobe Flex.

I made a 20 minute screencast on a little project I made this weekend.  It is a volume meter that reacts to MP3’s playing in a Flex app.  In its entirely, the entire project is very simple — 4 LEDS connected to the Arduino, and a 50 line Flex 4 application which controls them.  I’d like to say that there was a hard part to this, but thanks to Justin Mclean’s class, there really wasn’t one.  You can download the Flex source-code to the app here (but you will have to supply your own MP3 to play in the assets folder).

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