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Arduino Motion Control over Ethernet [+ Ethernet Server]

Davide GombaMarch 24th, 2010
Another wonderful “networked” project from TorChris

When I set up to do my POP3 project, I ended up buying an Arduino Ethernet shield and an Adafruit Ethernet shield plus a Lantronix Xport. Having both, I figured it would be a good challenge to get both talking to each other and the result is this fairly simple project which actually ended up taking a lot of thought. It is loosely based on “Networked Game” project in Tom Igoe’s indispensable book “Making Things Talk“, but Tom’s example does the much harder job of writing everything in the low-level serial commands to the Xport while I am lazy and used the published libraries! The challenge here is that the two network shields have two different Arduino libraries which really don’t work quite the same way. Also, the Adafruit library is pretty light on explanation and the examples provided have no comments in the code!

Here is the basic setup of this project, basically the accelerometer on the “server” controls two servos on the “client”:

check out the code on TorChris site.

via [opensourceprojects]