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Arduino’s IDE on Editra

dcuartiellesOctober 6th, 2008

Alexander Olivares from the Cenditel Foundation in Venezuela sent us today an email about their latest development in Open Hardware; since their foundation is not supporting Java for different reasons, they have been putting some effort since our visit there and are quite happy to present their first version of their plugin of Arduino for Editra.

picture (c) 2008 by Alexander Olivares at the Cenditel Foundation, Venezuela

The way it has been implemented is as a plugin for the open source editor/compiler Editra, the current version supports:

  • Code compiler
  • Code upload to Arduino compatible boards
  • Serial monitor for Arduino
  • Spanish internationalization
  • Arduino preferences panel
  • Frame configuration

This of course presents lots of advantages for users running linux based operating systems with low processing power where Java is not really an option. From the Arduino Team we are happy to see this development and we would love to see it going further and eventually becoming a debian installation package what would make things even easier for many linux users out there.

The plugin has been made in Spanish, if there is anybody interested in contacting Alexander (aolivares AT SPAMFREE cenditel DOT and translating this into other languages, we will be more than happy to host the documentation on the Playground and the other wikis.