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Last week in London

dcuartiellesJuly 9th, 2008

David Sjunnesson reports from London about a show where he found “[…] two projects made with Arduino. The first one is controlling electromagnets to play a symphony depending on how people pass by and the second one is using a Lilypad controlling the angle of the the disc to always be rotated against the sun […]”

by Mike Hammock and Andy Usher

Flying planter (Fledge) by Mike Hammock and Andy Usher, picture by D. Sjunnesson

It was The Bartlett School of Architecture show titled “Experiments in time” from the Dip unit 14. And the two pieces were called Urban Syncopation, a music instrument, and Flying planter (Fledge) an Arduino Lilypad controlled artifact that would rotate towards the sun.

by Tetsuro Nagata

Urban Syncopation by Tetsuro Nagata, picture by D. Sjunnesson

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