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RIoT Secure joins Arduino’s SIPP as Gold Partner

Arduino TeamJune 7th, 2024

We are excited to announce that RIoT Secure has joined Arduino’s System Integrators Partnership Program at the Gold level. Founded in 2017 in Stockholm, Sweden, RIoT Secure is at the forefront of IoT security, especially in regards to resource-constrained microcontrollers, providing sophisticated lifecycle management solutions that enhance device functionality and security across various industries.

RIoT Secure’s platform has been meticulously designed and developed around the Arduino MKR platform, renowned for its modular approach to connectivity. This has allowed the company to harness the flexible and powerful capabilities of the Arduino MKR series, which were integral to the successful deployment of solutions for clients as demanding as SAS ground service handling at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport – as highlighted in our case study here.

Additionally, RIoT Secure continuously explores the full spectrum of Arduino hardware possibilities, incorporating the recently launched Arduino UNO R4 WiFi into their comprehensive device management platform – underscoring their commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance IoT device management and security.

As a Gold-level partner, RIoT Secure is set to expand its influence and capabilities within the IoT sector, driving innovation through advanced integration of Arduino’s robust technology suite. The collaboration not only brings enhanced scalability and efficiency to their operations but also aligns with the mission to deliver top-tier IoT solutions that are secure, reliable, and easy to manage.

“The inclusion in Arduino’s System Integrators Partnership Program marks a significant step forward for RIoT Secure,” said co-founder Aaron Ardiri. “This partnership enables us to tap into Arduino’s vast resources, development community and support services, propelling our development of revolutionary IoT solutions.”

Arduino’s Strategic Partnerships Advisor, Paul Kaeley, was proud to add, “RIoT Secure’s innovative use of our MKR series and dedication to advancing IoT security make them a valuable addition to our program. We look forward to the great advancements this partnership will bring to the IoT landscape.”

Through this partnership, RIoT Secure aims to continue advancing the field of IoT, providing clients with reliable and innovative solutions that are ready to meet the technological challenges of today and tomorrow. With Arduino, they are set to redefine the possibilities of IoT integration and management, making it more accessible, secure, and efficient for everyone involved.

The System Integrators Partnership Program by Arduino Pro is an exclusive initiative designed for professionals seeking to implement Arduino technologies in their projects. This program opens up a world of opportunities based on the robust Arduino ecosystem, allowing partners to unlock their full potential in collaboration with us.