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Arduino Cloud is now natively supported on tablets 

Arduino TeamApril 30th, 2024

We’re excited to announce the release of IoT Remote v3.0.0, featuring a native tablet version (available for both Android and iOS platforms) optimized for unlocking the full potential of larger screen sizes.

What is the Arduino IoT Remote app? 

The Arduino IoT Remote app allows you to interact with your devices connected to the Arduino IoT Cloud from your mobile device. With it, you can control and monitor all your dashboards, as well as access your phone’s internal sensors like GPS, light, and accelerometer so that they are populated to the Arduino Cloud and used in your projects.

Arduino IoT Remote app is now fully supported on tablet 

The tablet-optimized version of the IoT Remote app introduces a set of improvements tailored specifically for larger screens.

  • Adaptive UI: Enjoy a seamless viewing experience as the app’s interface dynamically adjusts to various tablet screen sizes, ensuring every inch of real estate is utilized efficiently. Seize every pixel of your tablet with the full screen mode.

Animated GIF showing the new adaptive UI of the new Arduino IoT Remote app on tablet

Screenshot of the IoT Remote app from a tablet in dark mode.

  • Rotating layout: Whether you prefer portrait or landscape mode, the app transitions to match your orientation, providing flexibility and comfort.

Animated GIF showing the rotating layout of the new Arduino IoT remote app on tablet

Navigation sidebar

Navigate each section of the app with the new navigation sidebar. Whether you’re exploring dashboards, managing devices, or checking notifications, this sidebar enables you to visualize the details of your selected items while keeping the list readily accessible. This provides fast and easy navigation between items.

The tablet-optimized version of the IoT Remote app offers a new side navigation for a smooth device management experience.

Dashboard view from a tablet in the IoT Remote app

What can you do with the Arduino IoT Remote app?

With its native tablet capabilities, the new Arduino IoT Remote app opens the door to a new breed of applications:

  • Home automation controller: Imagine orchestrating your smart home devices from a tablet converted into a Home Automation controller, effortlessly adjusting lighting, temperature, and more with just a few taps.
  • Factory production line controller: Streamline your industrial processes by deploying tablets across your production line, enabling real-time monitoring, sensor management, and instantaneous adjustments via customizable dashboards.
  • In-vehicle controller: Transform your vehicle into a connected hub with an onboard tablet leveraging the Phone as Device feature, providing invaluable insights into position, acceleration, and other vital metrics for enhanced safety and efficiency.

Download the IoT Remote app

Ready to try the new tablet version? Download the IoT Remote app (available for Android and iOS), and create a new Arduino Cloud account to get more from your big screen!

Do you want to learn more about Arduino IoT Remote app? Check out the documentation.

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