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UNO R4 Stars: Meet Clatters Machines

Arduino TeamFebruary 23rd, 2024

The launch of the Arduino UNO R4 marks a huge leap forward for our community. For us, it’s also the chance to celebrate the people who bring our ecosystem to life with their bright ideas, radiant enthusiasm, and shining insight.

That is how the UNO R4 Stars blog post series began: to highlight makers who have not only created amazing projects with Arduino, but who are giving back to the community by sharing as they go and helping others make anything they wish.

We invite you to discover each profile, hoping you might find a North Star to navigate around an expanding galaxy or venture into completely new universes.

Clatters Machines creates “noisy machines for music lovers” – handmade electronic musical instruments that turn technology into sound waves. The company was co-founded by Carolina Guidi and Michelangelo Nasso, brought together by a unique passion for sound and for making what could be a mess of cables, wires, and knobs look really cool. 

Guidi, in particular, is in charge of visual branding and product design – which makes for great eye candy on their Instagram wall! – while Nasso’s favorite part of the job is prototyping and testing the modules, fueled by his passion for hardware and software engineering.

Arduino has always played a crucial role in the duo’s explorations, and later, in their work. Guidi discovered the brand during a university workshop: she says she was surprised to find out that putting together a few components on a breadboard could be so easy and accessible – “all you need to worry about is your own creativity.” 

Nasso got his first taste of Arduino a bit earlier, quickly realizing how it made a lot of his ideas closer to reality than he thought, even before he acquired the engineering skills he would develop during university. 

It is not by chance that their very first product, the Pocket Garden Listener, was “all designed, prototyped and tested with an Arduino UNO,” and that they have fond memories of the experience.

The embodiment of how creative flair and engineering mastery can come together beautifully, Clatters Machines takes pride in inspiring “people who play and love music, with products that start right here, from an original idea:” isn’t that the essence of making?

We asked Guidi and Nasso, “What’s your favorite part of the UNO R4?”

  • Its thrilling potential, which opens up to infinite new possibilities – just like the very first Arduino UNO did for the many makers who started with it! 
  • The huge leap forward it represents for anyone working in prototyping, thanks to the upgraded tech specs.
  • How it “ramps up everything that made Arduino the brand it is today.’

Ready to play with Clatters Machines? Head to their website to get yourself a cool sound machine. 

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