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Our October top picks from Project Hub: play more, with less!

Arduino TeamDecember 19th, 2023

A will to create something new by subtracting and simplifying, rather than adding, seems to inspire the three projects uploaded to Project Hub in October that we are proud to highlight today. This “less, but better” attitude is often the key to great ideas and even better executions, creating magical interactions and efficient solutions. Sometimes, all you need is the openness to imagine a different way of doing things!

3. Play sounds with colors

You may know that synesthesia allows some people to experience color when listening to music, but have you heard of a scanning tool that lets anyone translate color into sound? It’s the open-source, portable IMSO, Color on the Scale of Sound: a wooden “magic wand” powered by an Arduino Mini and a few lines of code, perfect to inspire kids, ages 7 and up, to explore the worlds of art, music and technology all at once.

2. Play music with laser lights

If you still believe instruments must have keys or strings or some surface to hit in order to produce sound, have a look at this project. Based on an Arduino UNO Rev3 and coded with the IDE 1.8, it enables you to play music by moving your hands in the air! Designed for musicians at any skill level, this one-of-a-kind instrument works by reproducing a different note depending on which of its 8 laser beams you are interrupting, and conveniently displays both the note and octave on an LCD display.

1. Re-play the past with a DIY digitizer

Faced with the staggering costs of digitizing his father’s high school 16-mm football films from the 1970s, dstein425 decided to leverage his professional software engineering skills to create a DIY solution based on the Arduino UNO Rev3, Raspberry Pi, an old projector, and only under 200 lines of code. His efforts led not only to great savings, but also to the huge satisfaction of creating a better-quality result that will preserve family memories through the years. 

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