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Tip your hat hello to our latest expansion: Introducing the Portenta Hat Carrier!

Arduino TeamOctober 25th, 2023

Single-board computers (SBCs) are amazing mini powerhouses capable of nearly anything. The undisputed royalty of SBC form factors is our friend, the Raspberry Pi® Model B. An entire ecosystem of expansions, properly called HATs, has formed around its iconic 40-pin double-row header. Today, we are introducing the ultimate mash-up, combining the worlds of SBC and MCU with the newest addition to our Portenta range: the Portenta Hat Carrier.

Now available from distributors (Mouser, DigiKey, RS Components) and our online Store, the Portenta Hat Carrier is a reliable and robust carrier that transforms your Portenta system-on-module into an industrial platform compatible with Raspberry Pi HATs, ready for a variety of solutions from workbench prototyping to field applications in the most demanding industrial settings. The Portenta Hat Carrier is specifically designed for the requirements of professionals using Raspberry Pi technology in commercial solutions.

With the Portenta Hat Carrier’s modular interface, you can take any Arduino Pro Portenta X8, Portenta H7 or Portenta C33 and add easy access to multiple peripherals – including any Raspberry Pi HAT compatible with the Model B 40-pin header, Ethernet, microSD, and USB. To further simplify commercial applications, the Portenta Hat Carrier features an onboard CAN transceiver, an additional 8x analog I/Os and a PWM fan connector. This ease of use will not come at the expense of your solutions’ reliability, thanks to debugging capabilities courtesy of dedicated JTAG pins.

“Portenta Hat Carrier provides a unique bridge between the Arduino and Raspberry Pi ecosystems, offering professionals a modular platform for prototyping to full-fledged industrial applications,” said Massimo Banzi, Arduino’s co-founder, chairman and CMO. “We are excited to offer a product that answers our customers’ requests and supports an ecosystem we admire.”

Indeed, the Portenta Hat Carrier is great for prototyping and ready for scaling up – in applications ranging from robot arm controllers to smart video surveillance systems. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the full specs on our dedicated product page.