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Celebrating a few resourceful Project Hub uploads from July

Arduino TeamOctober 1st, 2023

Makers always find a good reason to make: to learn or to enjoy, to share or to find a solution, they can play around all day, and work around anything. Proud of our community’s resourcefulness, this month we celebrate three projects uploaded to Project Hub in July that embed IoT, robotics, and home automation into approachable and fun tutorials. It just takes equal parts passion, creativity, and willingness to try something new…

3. Go the extra mile with 3D printing

Adding custom enclosures can make your project look neater, protect its inner workings, and allow you to hone your designs for functionality and fun! It’s the finishing touch that makes any project really stand out – including this one, for an Arduino Nano Every tank that can be controlled remotely via Bluetooth®. You can find all the instructions you need in its Project Hub write-up: add a handful of components, and go call that friend who has a 3D printer!

2. Hot glue your first robotic arm

This Arduino UNO Rev3 project gives anyone approaching robotics a leg up – in building their first robotic arm! Using ready available and inexpensive materials like cardboard, you can follow the tutorial and replicate the simple Arduino and Python code to program the arm: it will record and replay positions, which you can easily control from a graphical interface. 

1. Go nuts taking good care of your backyard squirrels! 

Why just casually feed the little creatures, when you can construct a system that also automatically reports back on their activity? Peter Stuhr’s first tutorial on Project Hub combines a solar-powered MKR WiFi 1010 with Google Sheets, using the simple IFTTT web hook: every time the feeder is opened, the board wakes up for 10 minutes and fills out a few rows in the spreadsheet. His solution could be adapted to monitor many other events in the garden, but we love that he has invested his skills and resourcefulness to ensure hungry squirrels always have enough food. 

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