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Presenting our first 3 Project Hub competition selections!

Arduino TeamMay 9th, 2023

Our recently launched “Arduino Project of the Month” initiative adds a pinch of competition to our community’s passion for sharing. Out of the dozens of new entries added in February, we are now happy to announce our first top three selections, highlighting interesting projects for everyone to learn, test, and improve upon! 

3. Create your own flip-disc display

Flip-disc (or flip-dot) displays leverage electromagnetism to set the position of thousands of discs in seconds, showing dynamic text and minimalist graphics with great flexibility and a wonderful retro vibe. For this project, all you need are an Arduino Uno, the Arduino IDE 2.0, and some soldering skills to get your own flip-disc sign up and running.

2. Bring Snake back, on LEDs

Originating in 1976, Snake is almost 50 years old but is still a lot of fun! This build brings the game back in a shiny and bright version, based on a 192-LED matrix combined with a library to control it.

Following the instructions is a great way to learn about multiplexing, shift registers, and of course, electric circuits. Not to mention, the same project can be adapted to display stationary or scrolling text: have your name in lights, thanks to Arduino Nano and the Arduino IDE.

1. Identify gasses by measuring the speed of sound

How many times have you just needed to know what gas is in the air? Okay, it may not be an everyday situation for most of us, but we thought this project really deserved gold for our February selection. 

It starts like a beautiful physics lesson on sound speed in gasses, and ends with a solution that’s portable, 3D-printed, and connected to your smartphone. Upload the code to an Arduino Nano, powered by battery charger, and test it out yourself.

For your chance to be selected for a $100, $300 or even $500 gift card to spend on the Arduino Store, submit your best project on the Project Hub! We will be awarding three new entries every month, as detailed in the complete terms and conditions. Good luck! 


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