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Early adopters: We want you!

Arduino TeamMarch 30th, 2023

During Arduino Day 2023, we announced the new UNO R4 and we are now looking for contributors from the community to help support the portability of libraries and open source projects based on an AVR Arduino boards such as the UNO R3, Mega, Leonardo, and Nano.

The Arduino UNO R4 is designed for maximum compatibility, maintaining the same form factor, shield compatibility, and 5V operating voltage as its predecessor. The board features a Renesas RA4M1 32-bit Cortex®-M4 processor, providing a significant boost in processing power, memory, and functionality.

Software compatibility is also a priority, with most existing libraries and examples working seamlessly on the new hardware. To grant backwards compatibility for all libraries and projects, we launched an early access program.

If you are the author or a maintainer of a library or a popular open source project for Arduino, apply to join the early access program and ensure users will be able to also run your code on the UNO R4. 

By submitting your request as well as proving some competence on Arduino libraries and projects, you can receive a free board and technical support for the Renesas RA4 architecture.

We’d love to see you contribute in porting libraries!

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